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Be careful with acne drug products made from chemicals because it contains materials - materials that are hazardous and can cause damage to the inside of your skin, liver, heart, kidney and intestinal performance.

Why many acne treatments that do not succeed or fail? because usually the treatment of acne only from the outside only, then it should be doing the treatment of acne from the inside and outside ...


choose the acne medications that contain extracts of sea cucumber / Gamat since proven to regenerate skin cells and is excellent for treating acne

Gamat are marine animals without spinal cord of the phylum Echinodermata
Gamat = Cucumber Sea = Sea Cucumber = Teripang = Haisom
In the world there are more than 2000 species gamat; waters of Malaysia, there are more than 30 species gamat
Use of Gamat (Sea Cucumber, Sea Cucumber) as a traditional antiseptic and versatile drugs for various diseases has been known since 500 years ago on the island of Langkawi, which is a small island in the Malay peninsula (Malaysia). Typically, the water drunk Gamat to women after childbirth to stop bleeding and promote wound healing circumcision in boys the island of Langkawi.

Gamat content:
Omega-3 (EPA & DHA)
Condroitin Sulfate and mucopolysaccharide
Minerals such as Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium, Zinc, Kuprum, Phosphorus, Iodine, Potassium, Sodium, Potassium, etc.
Vitamin E, Genisten, Beta carotene

Of the study proved that the sea cucumber / gamat contains Cell Growth Factor (cell regeneration factor) so as to stimulate the regeneration / recovery of cells and tissues that have been damaged / sick even to rot, so that being healthy / recover. Sea cucumbers are rich in growth factors that can repair damaged cells. Up to 82% protein and essential fatty acids strengthen efficacious liver cells to remove antibodies. Because it also trepang (gamat) are often called immunomodulators. Because of the high content of collagen, sea cucumber (gamat) potent cell regeneration in a nutshell. gamat soluble in water so readily absorbed in the liver without undergoing detoxification. (Poster)


Choose a product which is suitable for facial cleansing facial and body skin care formulation that is suitable for Asian skin.
Provide nutrients and the nutrition that is needed to help maintain the skin and the skin retain moisture and helps the growth of new cells in the event of damage to skin cells.
gunakkan product which is made of special materials such as moisturizers, plant extracts such as leaf chlorophyll (chlorophyll) as well as vitamins or nutrients according to the needs of the skin so clean, soft and healthy skin is maintained. has the properties of the skin's natural Ph, is to clean the skin and reduce the oil content of the skin without causing irritation, dry and wrinkled skin.

Acne medication
choose a powerful acne medicine that is proven and tested that serves to soften the skin, eliminate acne and acne scars diminish.

gunakkan jerwat-based drug / extract of sea urchin / sea cucumber / gamat because it contains a cell growth factor that functions in addition to treating acne, but also serves to fix the damaged surface of the skin and shrink pores, make sure the products they will

High quality (packaging, sterility, and efficacy is proven and tested)

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