Removing black spots Acne scars

acne is annoying, and of course with my belief acne or you might be reduced. And then here to figure out how to eliminate acne , acne That Might work so That We can recover lost. But after what happened?

New problems arise again. The face will have scars from acne that has been recovered. Hmmm, more confidence down.

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Removing black spots acne scars

Often use warm water to clean the face of each.
Many teens face oily. Oil that was never cleaned will clog the pores and eventually acne .

Did her best to not hit the vehicle fumes.
If you wear a veil or wear a motorcycle helmet that covered the glass. Better you use both.

Try not to eat spicy food.
Eating spicy foods can cause acne . Do a lot of fatty meals (just a little, but not too little, because the fat in addition to lubricating the joints, is required in the formation of fat cells in the lungs and brain, the lack of fat can be harmful to both organs.

acne is usually due to food allergies.
Most people with acne is the same as allergic chicken meat and eggs. Try at first to try the two test foods. if you are allergic to the food, try to avoid eating meat and chicken-food.

If you do not break out in the press.
These are often unable to avoid, because it was too annoyed with the acne we often push, although it is intentional or unintentional. If the push-push acne usually leaves black stains and pockmarks on the face.

Do not stress.
According to reliable sources of stress can trigger acne .

Sports often.
Heat on the body will open up the pores in the face and remove dirt from the pores on your face.

When shampooing sought not on the face.
Part of many shampoo (especially those using protein shampoo that if the skin will cause acne .

Before the shower wash your face with warm water.
The water is not too hot because hot water can break pores in the face. Later even the skin become red and blistered red half when washed with hot water. Do not be too rough time there is a flush on the face of acne , if rinsed with rough will cause injury and ultimately lead to pockmarks and black spots appear on the face.

How Removing black spots acne scars
  • Do not squeeze your pimples, especially if your hands are not clean because it will only further meperparah your acne may even lead to other injuries or infections.
  • If injuries occur, you can apply iodine to prevent infection are ongoing.
  • Try to use herbs in starfruit mash until smooth like porridge and mix water salt to taste, body scrub also serves as an astringent that will help minimize the pores are open too wide.
  • Avoid fatty foods and introduce more vitamin C intake and foods that contain zinc.

That was the tips of our How to Removing black spots Acne scars may be useful for you, and after trying the above tips can show progress and to eliminate acne and acne scars quickly. Stay abreast of health tips that we will present other interesting tips that are not inferior to the former tips How to Eliminate Acne.

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