Removing Acne back or chest


Acne is not just happening in the face of it, but acne can also occur in areas dont look like Acne That Often That Appears on the back of our Backs.

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Although back acne is not visible from the outside, but of course this is very disturbing activities. For example, has been festering Pimple back, then sat on a chair That rests there, then when sitting, Immediately broke even bleed. Huhhhh acne is very annoying is not?

Then how to Eliminate back acne?
Okay, this time I will give you tips on how to remove acne back. But before I give you the tips, I'll Provide the information, what Causes back acne.
Backs cause of acne cause of acne is almost the same as usual. (See my article on the Causes of acne). But what sets it apart is the location of acne on the back of the room are closed.

Lodging in the back, there are Several other factors cause acne That Arise more easily. For example, the use of a double-double clothes. This effect will increasingly be concerned if the room is hot, hot. Hot conditions will stimulate the body to sweat. Meanwhile, at the same time difficult, to dry Because of back sweat covered by thick clothing. Plus, in damp conditions, the bacteria also makes it easy to breed.

Well, without further ado, I will give tips on How to Eliminate Acne Squad, the Following tips:

To get rid of back acne, here we only need the eggs and cucumbers. Why cucumbers and egg whites?
Cucumbers has content That can Eliminate the black notes on white skin. And Nutritious egg to remove dead cells on the skin.

how to use them:

  1. Separate the egg whites with the yolk, then beat the egg whites until stiff.
  2. Cut the cucumber into small, roughly about 3 cm.
  3. Put egg whites into the blander and cucumber juice to be.
  4. Blend both the ingredients and rub into the back of a break out until about 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water ..
  5. Now that he's a natural way to remove acne tips back, Try using this herb on a regular basis, and routine 2x a week until the acne completely disappear and be destroyed.

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