How Fast fattening Weight Without Drugs

Not everyone wants to have a skinny body, but many also want to fatten the body because the body is too skinny and have no odor at the point of view.Not everyone wants to have a skinny body, but many also want to fatten the body because the body is too skinny and have no odor at the point of view.

Various ways have sometimes done from start eating lots of fat to eat drugs but the result was no change alias stay thin.

Having a body that is too thin it raises a lot of negative effects such as being inferior, sickly, and likely to inhibit social interaction.

Therefore, today many people are trying to fatten lean their body in many ways, starting with taking fat to follow fitness and sports. Broadly speaking, weight gain is influenced by two factors, namely:

  1. Metabolic factors. Sometimes your body stay lean despite eating a portion of the lot, then most likely there is something wrong in your body's metabolic system.
  2. Factor genes / heredity. If the family such as parents and grandparents and cousins ​​have a problem with weight as too thin then most likely you are underweight because of genes.
For those of you who can not stand skinny and want to quickly become obese in an instant, the following
10 the wrong way to fatten the body but the most rapid reaction and without having to take your medicine obese. Do 10 ways to fatten below will certainly cause health hazards such as cholesterol and increase the danger of the emergence of other diseases.

following methods to say how unhealthy weight to increase body mass, do the opposite if you want to live a healthy life.

10. Dont Breakfast 

No breakfast in the morning is one quick way to fatten the body. If you skip meals, especially breakfast, your body will think that you're starving. And if you go into starvation mode, your body will increase the amount of deposits as reserves by converting calories into fat. Avoid eating for 10-12 hours, for example by passing a large breakfast and then eat during the day. In this way the body will have a big calorie savings. 

9. Reduce sleep 

Lack of sleep will cause the body to rest and less stress throughout the day. Stress not only be your motivator to continue to eat, but also raises levels of certain hormones that trigger weight gain. Lack of sleep also will give you more time to eat at night. Ate high-calorie foods right before bed can cause the body to change and store calories as fat. 

8. Reduce your intake of vegetables 

Vegetables have few vitamins and fewer calories. Too little calories they contain, the vegetables will only give you a sense of satiety, thereby reducing your desire to eat other types of food that can be fattening. 

7. Snacking 

Increase your meals from three to five or six times a day. If you have trouble, try chewing gum or eat snacks all the time while waiting for the meal arrives. Always chew something practical in all your activities. 

6. Increase your meal 

You will not be fat by eating women. Try to eat twice the portion you normally eat. If you happen to eat at the restaurant, order food with large portions. The average body will process 700 calories per meal, the excess calories are stored as fat by the body. 

5. Eating fried foods 

French fries, fried chicken, fried onion rings, etc.. All fried food is very good to fatten a skinny body. Foods are fried using oil, which means lots of saturated fat. Saturated fats are very good to gain weight but it has bad side effects, especially on heart health issues. If you eat french fries every day then you will be able to fatten your body in no time. 

4. Stop drinking water 

Such as vegetables, water just taking up space in your stomach. If you really want to reduce fat quickly drink water. Try coke or sweet tea instead of water. 

3. Eating fast food 

Fast food restaurants like body fattening affairs office. It not only serves you with a fattening food agency, but they are also additional menyedikan fries and soft drink of water replacement can fatten the body in a short time. 

2. Drink lots of carbonated soft drinks and 

Diligently take soft drinks and soft drinks are one of the best ways to gain weight. Coke, Pepsi and all kinds of soft drinks are loaded with high fructose corn syrup is suitable for fattening the body. These drinks contain chemicals that can be turned into sweet and of course cheap. 

However, this drink is also toxic to the body. This drink will block a number of specific receptors in the nervous system that serves your brain tells you when you are satisfied, it makes you will continue to eat and drink. Plus, the caffeine in these drinks make you become very addictive. 

A. Do not exercise 

For the fat you need to save calories. Exercise will only burn your calories. If possible drive a better car than on foot and use the elevator daripda up the stairs to avoid the burning of calories. Finally, if you have plenty of free time, watching TV for 4-5 hours each day can help your body's calorie expenditure savings. 

Some people, especially women become fat after marriage, probably because of hormones or other factors cause the body to be fatter than usual. 

If your choice is a healthy life, do the opposite of the 10 tips to fatten the body instantly and without the drug below. Actually do not care about being fat or thin, the most important thing is being healthy. Trying fat unhealthy manner is not necessarily good because it can cause health problems in the future.

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