Removing the Cystic acne (that big and hard)


Cystic acne is one type of acne that large, with severe inflammation, and gathered around the face.

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This sometimes makes cystic acne sufferers face physically and psychologically damaged, his confidence will fade because of his less attractive.

The cause of the presence of cystic acne is due to hereditary or genetic factors. Factors that influence the incidence of cystic acne that owned by people with genetically, namely:

  • That over-active oil glands that flood the pores with oil glands,
  • The growth of skin cells that are not normal that can not regenerate as fast as normal skin
  • Have that exaggerated response to inflammation in the skin, leaving scars
There are also other factors that can cause facial acne stone is often exposed to direct sunlight and from the use of cosmetics.

  Then how to remove cystic acne ?

Okay, today I will share tips on "how to removethe Cystic acne naturally", ie:

removing with the tea bag
How: Pour the tea with hot water, then place a warm tea bag on your cystic acne . Do it for a few days until your cystic acne deflated.

However. for treatment can be through a doctor:
1. For cystic acne that is not too bad we could freely medication from a dermatologist with cortisone injected, within 2 days of cystic acne will be cured.

2. However, for severe cystic acne that already have a chronic or dermatologist will usually give pills acutance, but these drugs have side effects like dry skin and chapped lips would be devastating. This situation can be overcome with other drugs, namely Accolade, lip balm anti-inflammatory.

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